"Lil Bit” More Aromatherapy Ritual

"Lil Bit” More Aromatherapy Ritual



Since introducing our good girl “ Roll Over “ CBD skin and microneedle skin kit, We have listened to your requests and desires and carefully and spiritually fulfilled a truly magical experience conjuring a “ Lil Bit” More  Magic every day. …

We are very proud to present our latest Metaphysical Collection of  CBD products. Inside & Out “IOU

Mental Magic Bath aromatherapy kit is you, Beauty! YOU OWE YOU


This kit intention is focused on Glamour and Positive Self-image. Using Universal blessings of CBD Oil along with the Science evidence-based Aroma Therapy that is designed to bring forth the energy of all the senses manifesting the Beauty within and around you. This is truly the Mental Magic inside and out. The scent? Truly Beautiful!



  • Mental Magic RX | IOU Lil Bit More AromaTherapy

    These two separate wellness paths work so well together because each brings its own level of versatility. CBD is a stable substance that can be taken orally or absorbed through the skin.

    Aromatherapy, meanwhile, can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on your lifestyle, facilities you can use, and the time you have. There is a path to using these two health powerhouses together that is right for anyone. 

    Bath Time—A luxurious bath is one of the best ways to use CBD essential oils. Just pour a few drops into your bath as it fills and the room will soon fill with a pleasant fragrance. Soaking in a bath with CBD oil nourishes and softens your skin, reducing the appearance of age lines and scars. The result is supple rejuvenated skin that has a healthy glow that’s been fed by the natural omega fatty acids contained in CBD and hemp oils. While you can create this mini-spa setting by just adding a bit from a bottle to your bath, it’s not the only way.

    Our IOU  Lil Bit More Aromatherapy Bath Kit makes Mental Magic Rituals easy.......combining CBD and aromatherapy candles. Just drop it in and filling the tub with botanical essences, healing oils, and CBD—everything you need for a CBD aromatherapy soak.

    Just make sure you have everything you need before you start because you won’t want to get out.

    If you only have a shower, that’s OK. Add your oils to the back of the shower away from the drain. The moisture and steam will soon begin carrying them into the air.



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