Everything You Need to Know About Personal Protective Equipment

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Protective Equipment

What is PPE? Everything You Need to Know About Personal Protective Equipment Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak!

The pandemic has forever changed Corporate and Church culture. Employees need to be part of a team and company that both nourish their wellbeing and safety.


We will work with you to integrate Osha Guidelines for PPE and self-care to educate infection prevention into your workplace with personalized programming, workshops, and services. Our educators will come to you, or we can arrange a private Zoom or a customized Distance learning consultation. Dr. Moica  PPE kit for groups of 10 is available for upgrade contact for a quote and allow10-14 days more for shipping. 


Learn From Dr. Monica, a multidisciplinary health practitioner, chief Wellness Officer, and founder,  a  Scrub Nurse specializing on Open Heart Surgical Teams and Abroad Medical Missions since1999,  Medical Law and Allied Health Sciences Professor, EMT  holding a dual Doctorate Sciences who is passionate about making medical paramedical skills and Mental Hygiene practices understandable and easily applicable. Dr.Monica has represented  The Future Doctor training program and course featured at AMA conferences, In addition, tutored hundreds of future doctors and medical-surgical professionals Asepisis Handwashing, and PPE  courses for awarding winning programs. 

  • Groups/ Corporations / Churches etc

    Delivery Mode

    • Self Study for your Organization members 60.00 Each Minimum 10 Students
    • Group Study with Tutor Distancing Learning 360.00 startig
    • Individuals /non-organization affiliation learn online. 160.
  • phone consult for scheduling

    Initial 60.00 is a phone consult for scheduling( course not included). Invoice due upon agreement forms  and official enrollment , 



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