The right Title at The Right Time !

We all have many titles. Mines are wife, daughter, sister, friend, Army Veteran and Your Tango Contributor, and founder of Behavior Wellness & Arts, Pensacola Fl. But last year, I took on the most important journey IVF at UCSF Center of Reproduction that any woman can take alone! Claiming the tilted - mother after a four-month pregnancy on March 1 2022 had my first child, my son Ez. I could bore you with all of those white cheeses pinky finger tea drinking clichés - he’s the light of my life, I never knew I could love someone so unconditionally - but they are all absolutely true.

However, As a woman who decided to dedicate my first 30 years of adulthood to my own careers and uniqueness of hobbies, I would be wrong to jump on the bandwagon to say that women's most important job in life is motherhood suggests that women without children are lacking not just children, but a true calling in life. By declaring motherhood the most “important” job, we're also brainwashing women to prioritize priceless parts of their lives by value.

I say motherhood is one of the many important things in my life and my personal most rewarding experiences.

As a woman of color with multidisciplinary and multidimensional talents, I feel the pressure to return to the workforce. However, it wasn’t in the cards as my son was a miracle special boy with unique Daily requirements. If I won’t answer his calling who will.

Since having Ez (born at 19 weeks early ) here at home he has truly thrived and requires much less supplemental oxygen support. Love is the Best Medicine for our future health insurance.

Becoming a mother is one of life's youngest fetus-saved miracles, and the most amazing part is that it happens every single day, but many are terminating elective abortions weeks early. The moment Ez was implanted as an embryo in my womb, I walked to the ocean with my fur baby and felt like a different person. Indeed, once you become a mother because you are a different person - your life shifts from a selfish being to a selfless human sacrificing your own diet to nurturing a growing fetus and then birthing, raising, and nurturing that other person. All I know is the many nights in hospital on bed rest to meet the GESTATION age in order to legally save him to the NICu very discharge time; My heart continues to quite literally, is now outside of my body; you can't imagine my own life without that little person, and everything you do is in direct relation to how it will affect your child ( even my extreme Human Rights Liberal Social post) . I hope that any woman having to face a choice/decision either to abort a life at 16 weeks would look at my child born at 20 -21 weeks and you see herself as the mother to a real human a few weeks longer and you to will one day see a part of you in the person you love; you see what you were put here to do.

Many decisions are faced in the terms of relationships and not rape, In which, I hope to remind everyone that sometimes the worst situations will yield the best outcomes. Losing a relationship or financial stability…gamble on you! The life inside you to gain the one that matters most on this earth THE true part of you. EzProMom4Life

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