NICU Stress & Shingles

Omg ! The NICu Stress triggered an immune shutdown ! 

With a low immune system, a contagious illness can hit you like a ton of bricks… or possibly kill you.

But those with a strong immune system will only experience mild illness.

This is why I want to show you a simple but effective immune system boosting acupressure technique…

That could mean the difference between a terrifying trip to the hospital,

Or a couple of weeks on the couch eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

There are several acupressure points that boost the immune system, but for now, let’s focus on a particularly potent acu-point you can learn to apply right now.

If you didn’t already know, acupressure is a non-invasive version of acupuncture. The ancient Chinese were using acupressure for thousands of years before they had the technology to make needles. Acupressure still widely used today because it’s incredibly effective and is easy to self-apply.

This acu-point is called ‘Outer Gate’ (SJ 5)

location: On the back of the hand, measure two thumb-widths (2 cun) above the wrist crease. In between the two forearm bones (Ulna & Radius bones).

Directions: Apply firm pressure for 1 – 2 minutes. Once or twice a day (or more if you like). Breathe deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth as you apply. Note: using either arm is fine.

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