My Son’s 1st Letter

Dear Ez


Life is full of hills and valleys, some valleys rough than others. You have already experienced a very deep valley these first 106 days in intensive care . Unfortunately, none of us are immune to tragedy. Wether it’s the challenging risk of giving birth , drenching cries of

a lose or an emotional abandonment from the ones we thought we would know forever only to be a stranger and father in another books chapter .

When your high on top of the hills It is easy to count our blessings when we are looking back or down . The true measure of a person, I believe, is when you can still see the blessings you have in the midst of those deep low valleys.

Ezekiel, Always remember, no matter what you’re going through in life, be it born a NICu warrior, or a small academic , relationship, or career challenge, Don’t forget you’re incredibly blessed.

When you are facing a challenge, focus on

1. The medical professionals that helped us along this Delivery & Nicu journey in which God always sends good people at the right time.

2. Reflect on the shared NICu photo memories that God has delivered you to this world as my miracle baby at 690 grams filled with unlimited purpose.

Don’t you ever forget that every day of your life is a blessings and hang on to them tight! That’s the reason mom holds you tight everyday .

When the day is near and mom is far , Always remember Gods grace that has carried you and the Angels are always watching over the stars .

Love ❤️ Mom

Born 3/22

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