Milestones and Rocks

Updated: Jun 17

It’s very common practice that premature babies leave hospital stay usually around their actual due date time , However, some babies can discharge sooner than the date they were expected to be born, while others will need to stay in the NICU well beyond their due dates. Many premie parents as myself in which Ezekiel was born at 21/22 weeks constantly are wondering when will their little miracles be home sweet home . Overall , many health facilities will have some foundational basic milestones that parents should familiarize to estimate when your bundle of joy is ready to be discharged from the NICU.

I will give it straight no chaser . It is an emotionally exhausting and physically draining NICu life experience . Also, having to be separated from my medical service animal that is prescribed to help me deal with previous PTSD issues on top of my son 3 months counting hospital NICu admission made it extremely difficult some days because justifiably due to infection control a NICU is not a place for medical service animals.

The eagerness to return home , Daily coping with grief because You just want your baby to be like all the other babies, and there's no magical way to fix that. This journey is unlike anything I've had to do. There's a reason that it isn’t uncommon for a NICU parent to get and/or trigger PTSD.

Despite, you may not have an exact number of days to return home and may face some set back turns along the journey thus all might sound hopeless; But that's not it, Hopeless means there's no light at the end of the tunnel. In this case, there is.

Similar to Ezekiel, There's a healthy, happy baby who just needed intense care to get started. You can hold onto that each day and it's a powerful spiritual awakening of why all this is happening. I wouldn't have wanted to deal with the NICU, but I'm also sure that I have become a better parent and stronger spiritual relationship with Christ my personal savior and ancestry connections covering because of this experience. I will always hope you have a smooth sailing pregnancy with the best medical team practices & out comes as your NICu baby reach milestones , with the ability to navigate the turns holding on to a solid rock faith . So if you end up in the NICU, know that you can get through it.

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6/7/22 Ezekiel came off Cpap -- Watts Franciosa

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