I’m Every Woman : I can’t be Your Father!

As you recline on my stomach , I’m hoping these Friday nights of Mom and Son connection will last forever ! In the lyrics of belated Whitney! “ I’m every woman “

No woman will love you more than your mother .

However, the reality is every boy will require more than a mothers love to journey the life into manhood !

A father’s role in the life of his son is vital if not imperative . Few men talk about the “mother wound” they have suffered with through the decades. Far too many suffer from a father wound, and it typically roots from the short end of the stick not wanting or permitted to reach out more in their children lives . The boy didn’t receive from his father that he is a good boy growing into a good man. His father must regularly tell and show the boy he is pleased with and respects him in his development. Father is the one who must pin this badge of manhood on his son, doing so in a hundred different ways well into his adulthood. If dad is not there, another significant man in the boy’s life must!

Happy Fathers Day to the men playing their role !

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