SOUL Happy Clinic

"Science Of Understanding Family and Pets Happiness "

We help treat Emotional Illness and Supporting Happiness! We are super excited to help you learn how to care for yourself, your family, and /or furry friends! We will share with you info and tips about Mental Hygiene, Wellness, Nutrition for Addiction Recovery,  and so much more

Dr. Monica Franciosa Founder 
CBD /Alternative Medicine Specialist and Emotional Animal NADAC Certified Peer specialist. Meta-Psychologist, AADP/AAMA Board Certified

Alternative Practitioner holding The highest caliber of training of  APA and SAMHSA Accredit credentials.

Ultimate source for Prayer Healing and Herbs 
SOU L Clinic's
 License for religious counseling; services does not entitle us to be a State Certified Psychologist.

Our SOUL Online Services offers practical information and guidance counseling to address personal and spiritual conflict. It uses resources from Psychology, Metaphysics, Christianity, Eastern and Western Religious writings.

My Own Soul Journey 
I know how you feel. I want to offer you my support …as an emotionally wounded war veteran faced with my own lived struggled mental hygiene experiences I hope that whatever you or your loved one is recovering from whether it is substance abuse, depression, anxiety, a chronic disease, an abusive relationship, mental illness, an eating disorder, loss of a loved one, or any other difficult life situation that my unique integrative Faith-based and secular approach protocol of science evidence-based behavior modifications and Alternative Medicine practices thus collective coined as Mental Health Magic Rx   – is the newest of these techniques for therapists and patients to add to their toolbox that provides therapists, coaches, and HEALERS  with a new treatment technique TOOL to help motivate and engage indivuals or groups to become more intuitive and holistic in their treatment. That includes not limited to an array of  Peer Counseling,  support groups, Wellness Consulting affiliate recommended personal development programs will provide you support on the journey to a Magical Life in Recovery.

Why Me
Dual Board Certified qualified

I have dedicated hours of academic studies to bring to your sensible guidance and lived empathy that works. Unlike, Much of the other help and advice available to people like you come from people who really have no idea of what you are going through because they have never faced themselves, how could they understand?

I bring to you lived and academic experience along with a source for all your Spiritual, Santeria, & Botanica products that work!

 I want you to know that I do understand, and I am here to help.


 My sessions, implement the suggestions that I have made in my workshop and eBook programs to help you through those difficult, isolating, and sometimes frightening experiences that are involved in typical emotional suffering.

My advice is based on personal and academic experience Also. The experience of many other people whom I have helped. I provide you with strategies to make your recovery steadier and I help to put you in the driver’s seat of your own future – the future that you would like to live.

 Pay and Send me a message through my contact page and I will be in touch so we can chat 

 With love,


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