What's Mental Magic RX 

Discovering  Inner Magic with an integrative approach of Scientific Evidence base :

Brain Science & Healing Arts 

Our Practice founder Dr. Monica Watts-Franciosa; Since 2013 as a Psychology  Today Verified Practitioner dedicated to offering her innovative trademarked Behavioral Sciences courses and like-minded affiliated partnerships' programs; a resource to Remedies to restore calm, Grief and Addiction Recovery and life-altering principles:

  • Depressions and Withdrawal 

  • Addiction Recovery Guidance 

  • Grief Recovery 

  • Coping With The Death Of A Pet – Understanding Pet Loss Grief

  • Animal Emotional Assistance Advocacy 

  • Wellness Psychosexual Problems 

  • Wellness Mental Happy Puppy & Family CBD and Herbal Remedies 

 What's  Mental Magic Rx

Dr. Monica is here to support your mental health & well-being. Mental Magic Rx is metaphysical and Botanica products, blog posts, useful articles, resources, how-to guides, support & information.

COMING SOON: The  MyClickCoachsClinic - Virtual Alternative  Medicine counselors and Magic Therapy Training Academy